Beefs & Babes Facilities 


Both our sites in Greenhithe and Rochester are 24 hour gyms. With your scan card you can access the gym at any time and work out. We have everything you need to get that workout done, no matter the time. 


With the increase of obstacle races over the past few years and the recognition of the importance of being more mobile, we have a dedicated area for this type of training upstairs. Here you will find plyoboxes, battle ropes, TRX, PowerWaves and sledges at the ready.


A purpose built mezzanine floor with an array of punchbags along with bag gloves of all variety. 

Stressful day at work? this is a great way to let off some steam. 


Sore from a workout or have a lot of knots that's causing you pain? Why not get in contact with our highly trained muscle therapist and feel brand new and refreshed, ready for your next training session.


The main workout area has every machine, free weights and lifting station you need to fine tune your workouts and reach your goals. At Beefs & Babes we only use the best equipment on the market.


A dedicated area of extensive cardio machines can be found upstairs. This is a great area where you can zone in and get your cardio done. We have a wide variety of machines available that will suit your every need. 


We carefully select our personal trainers to ensure that you will get the best coaching if you are looking for  one. From strength and conditioning, weight loss, competition prep, boxing and rehabilitation, you won't be disappointed


Proud to be part of our Gym? At Beefs & Babes we are a community who share our passion with regards to being in the best shape offer lives. So why not represent with our range of men and women's apparel. Order online or purchase onsite.


We know some gyms like to limit their free weights. However we are a serious gym. Which means serious training where your workouts are catered for. Whether you are looking to build, lean or increase strength and power, you won't be disappointed.


A dedicated spin room can be found on our first floor. With classes running weekly, you will never be short of motivation to keep you on track and meet new people. 

For class times please give a call, ask at front desk or enquire below. 


Our strictly private relaxation spa caters for those looking to unwind after a tough day at work, or after a gruelling session. Interested in hiring out our steam room and jacuzzi area? Why not get in touch.


We have a large variety of protein powders, weight gain, weight loss, pre-workout drinks, fat burners, post-workout drinks and meals available at the gym. Why not talk to any of our staff who will be happy to help assist you. 

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